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Site Name Title Motto Owner
youngwomenvoices4leadership Young Women Voices for Leadership Giving opportunities for Young Women's Voices to be heard for Leadership and development Andrew Benson Greene
youth4youth Tennessee Youth 4 Youth Leadership Board John Irvin
youthactionforchildren Youth Action For Children's Improvement ...Education is Light to Life Fenty James
youthafricana YOUTH AFRICANA MAGAZINE ... the African pride YOUTH AFRICANA
youthagainstpoverty Youth Against Poverty Destined to fight poverty to a sustainable level Mary Bisson
youthagainstpovertyuganda Youth Against Poverty Destined to fight poverty to a sustainable level Mary Bisson
youthagents Youth Agents For Change Kenneth Marman
youthaidzimbabwe Youth Aid Zimbabwe Trust fresh minds for sustainable development evans gorogodo
youthaliveinitiative YOUTH ALIVE INITIATIVE inspire::: empower::: inform Youth Alive Initiative
youthalivemzuzu Youth Alive Mzuzu CHOOSE LIFE Tobias Kumwenda
youthandhope Youth and Hope Inc Volunteer for the Better Oumar Ba
youthbridge ::::Youth Focus:::: Towards Youth Development Adeyege Ebenezer
youthearn earning and learning to make youth aware of becoming self made! mahendrasingh katroliya
youtheffectibgchange Millennium Development Goals and Youth In Sierra Leone Fignting Poverty Together Musa Ansumana Soko
youthentrepreneurship we have our distiny in our hands we have just begun Africa Tours and Volunteering Agency Uganda
youthexpress youthexpress making a positive difference callum nicolson
youthfocus Youth Focus Foundation "Equiping The Youth - For A Better Future" Kobina Dadzie Sey
youthfordevelopment Build worldwide network of youth organization Sib Sankar Deb Sharma
youthhope Casa Azul Peer Engagement fernando donlucas