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Site Name Title Motto Owner
youthsandchildrightsagendaforum YOUTH ARE THE LEADER OF TOMOROW Honesty & pride oni victor
youthscholarsnetwork YSN Youth Scholars Network empowers, transforms and enriches the lives of children, youth and their families by exposing them to the vast expanses and cultures of the world. Donna Means-Taplin
youthsport Youth Sport & Lifeskills Program-UGANDA Empowering the youth through sport Ben Kimbowa
youthtkr TARAKESWAR YOUTH COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE A Government Of West Bengal Initiative Syed Hasan
youthvisionuganda Youth Vision Uganda Working Together For A Better Simple Life Pat Robert Larubi
youthwithvision fizul khan
yowakabengele Julienne & Jerome Yowa Kabengele
ypdo2 Youth Press and Development Organisation fighting Poverty HIV/AIDS through sustainable means Kebby thijesko Shampongo
ypsl Youth Partnership Sierra Leone Reaching Out In the Name of Christ for Humanity Sake YPPD SL
ysawc2010 The Youth of South Africa World Cup 2010 Help us make a child smile... The Youth of South Africa World Cup 2010
ystand <Y.S.T.A.N.D> Young Sisters Taking A New Direction "If you don't STAND for something, you'll fall for anything!" Madelyn Baker
yuk-ching Yuk Ching Charity Help poor kids with their school fees in mainland china Garrick Ho
yukonmenssociety Yukon Men's Society Respect... Wellness... Support... Friendship... David Leslie
yutsagwan yutsagwn breaking barriers ochaloi francis
yuvabihar Youth Undertaking Voluntary Action Initiative for Social Change Abdul Rahim
yuvaindia yuva wake up deepti singh
yuvainfo yuva youth upliftment hitesh mishra
yuvalok Yuvalok Foundation Investing in Lives DP Daniel
ywjs Young World Junior School Education for transformation Good Saamaritan Home