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Site Name Title Motto Owner
upsstaff Mary Hoover Smith
growforce Irene Swarbrick
hokkaido My Hokkaido Sight-Seeing Escapades Nuf Sed
unislcf Dr.T.Dinesh Kumar
misho misho misho
sania Help Combat Poverty Related Suicide Gerry Manning
glocenter Kyle Tuller
charityquest "Together we can make a difference to preserve and improve human life" Nafiz Chowdhury
schoolthechildren Building schools is building a life one orphan at a time tara armstrong
look ford look
innovativecomputer nitin tambde
ayodhyaeye Partho Banerjee
alleghenyfamilynetwork Lesley Dawson-Cousar
wavewelcome Empowerment Through Intervention Vennard Wright
tye Paul Wamuja
nwk Lee Aiono
idontknwoyet Logan Doneghue
guiigihguiguiug Test Test
mafroud Younes Mafroud