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Site Name Title Motto Owner
nopay Moses Zekrumah
oasisugandateam Karla Daniels
hack4free Moses Zekrumah
idea Abdulla waheed
cbnb Malcolm Birch
gcm Amy Allen
silent Ashekin Islam
information Abdulla waheed
hanskhalisweets TASTE IS FOREVER Arka Debnath
library "richest mind, needs no libraries" Noor Jehan
anjaman Miyan shafeeq
agochint Johnson Kayode
voiceofglory Danny Dube
innovativecomputer nitin tambde
oregonldt1 Laurie Baumgardner
elanavogel A Mother's Cause Jennifer Dansicker
page Moses Zekrumah
1stcenturytheology R Parsons
mafroud Younes Mafroud
upsstaff Mary Hoover Smith