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Site Name Title Motto Owner
arelzannz Arell Anne Dabalos
oregonldt1 Laurie Baumgardner
page Moses Zekrumah
vipcommoninitiative VIP For love And Unity Neba Roland
lejog-for-tct Dave McKeown
huit pawankumar kumbha
acol theresa grice
hokkaidoball Nuf Sed
denderahhouse golfus fortune
sania Help Combat Poverty Related Suicide Gerry Manning
jeaniesebarnes Jeaniese Barnes
satya satyaban nayak
agochint Johnson Kayode
passionforthepoor Phil Cudjoe
akatsuki chamath nipuna
delim Godwin makanga
topcheftampabay Jessica DuChene
nopay Moses Zekrumah
parivar ashish bansal