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Site Name Title Motto Owner
ipps John Cunningham
hopeandactionforafrica We are international dedicated Volunteers!!give your hand to change to a better world!!!!!! Olivier Imbabazi
nopay Moses Zekrumah
sd Scott Stoller
wu-activation-code Moses Zekrumah
paypal-hackware Moses Zekrumah
wu Moses Zekrumah
iesy Paul Wamuja
giftasmile gift a smile , gift a future shyam kishore
roebank kelly ware
nerd carlos galvez
mafroud Younes Mafroud
sovhen Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable For Better Health Education and Nutrition in Uganda SOVHEN Uganda
socialchangeentrepreneurs 'by walking one makes the road, and upon glancing one sees the path...' -antonio machado- Venkat Pulla
cregdespay Abd Errachid Buzu
innovativecomputer nitin tambde
fty Kelley Orteg
hokkaido My Hokkaido Sight-Seeing Escapades Nuf Sed
abbulu abbulu designes abbulu subbulu
arelzannz Arell Anne Dabalos