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Site Name Title Motto Owner
fredidokocredentials MR. FRED IDOKO SULE APPLICATION AND CV. YOU CAN REACH ME ON +2348036156724 fred idoko
pvchs Parke-Vermillion County Humane Society You can't buy love, but you can rescue it! Mark Southwick
treyperry Trey You Can't See Me Trey Perry
joannaanicholsdanceforthecause Joanna A. Nichols Dance for the Cause You dance so others may live Kathryn Baldwin
urnotalone Advice for Pregnant Teens and Young Adults You didn't do it by yourself and you don't have to go through it by yourself! Iman Jenkins
travel4lessforever I need to see my husband for Christmas!! You never can do well, if you do not put everything into something. Marissa Green-Nabiel
boredtodeath BTD You will die untill u go on this site Shely Masek
getlite People Getitng Lite You will see all the hottest get lite videos ever Rafel Davis
abrahamsinheritance Abraham's Inheritance Inc. Young Minority Men Afi Peterson
mv moral values your all equal and where here to prove that temi s
charitysmiles help the needes your click can change somebodies life Sam jackson
ambrosescholarship Frank Ambrose Memorial Scholarship Your Contributions are the Backbone of Our Success! cheryl james
nyouthdev Ntsakiso Youth Development Your future is preciuos work smart to achieve it Ntsakiso Youth Development
africanchildaid AFRICAN CHILD AID YOUR HELP IS THERE ONLY HOPE dario parkinson
thewakeupproject The Wake Up Project Your ideas made bigger Veronica Thunderheart
lovingdad Become a better parent Your kids need you Willard Barure
greenlincs GreenLincs Your Linc to a Greener Future Kevin Wolfe
waterview Whats New On Waterview Your Local Newsletter For Waterview Dr. bryce hunt
louisianacall Louisiana Call Your Louisiana Resource Parker Smith
midtownchc Midtown Community Health Center Your Medical Home April Boyer