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Site Name Title Motto Owner
africanchildaid AFRICAN CHILD AID YOUR HELP IS THERE ONLY HOPE dario parkinson
thewakeupproject The Wake Up Project Your ideas made bigger Veronica Thunderheart
lovingdad Become a better parent Your kids need you Willard Barure
greenlincs GreenLincs Your Linc to a Greener Future Kevin Wolfe
waterview Whats New On Waterview Your Local Newsletter For Waterview Dr. bryce hunt
louisianacall Louisiana Call Your Louisiana Resource Parker Smith
midtownchc Midtown Community Health Center Your Medical Home April Boyer
extreme Extreme Adwords Marketing for Small Business America Your Online Marketing Genius! Timothy McNutt
smallville Your online world jada brown
voltexelectronics COMPUTER REPAIR AND MAINTAINANCE Your searches for computer hardwares stopes here charles mpanga
ncf Narmadaben Charitable Foundation (NCF) Your second home, since 1984 Rahul Mehta
udeservemore U Deserve More Your Stronger Than You Think Jessica Gilespie
mytyme My Tyme Online Your TIme... Your Voice.... Justin Heilig
volunteerx Volunteer X Your Voice. Your Choice. Impact the World Tanya Truong
new5ces Josh for Youth youth vijay krishna
arl Alvin Rec League Youth Mark Hamilton
cyappk Youth development assosiation pakistan Youth development assosiation pakistan qasim aziz
youthscholarsnetwork YSN Youth Scholars Network empowers, transforms and enriches the lives of children, youth and their families by exposing them to the vast expanses and cultures of the world. Donna Means-Taplin
layt-swyt LAYT-SWYT Youth Theatre Samantha Giblin