8,446 CFSites have generated 85,356,601 hits for good causes around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any costs for this service?
    • Absolutely not! This is another totally free service of CharityFocus done to help you help others. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  2. What kind of sites are allowed on CFSites?
    • CFSites is intended for service related projects. If your mission is to help others, odds are CFSites is for you! If your motivation is to become rich, CFSites is probably not the place for you. While we hope never to have to do so, CharityFocus reserves the right to remove any site that it finds objectionable for any reason.

  3. Do I need any technical knowledge to build a site with CFSites?
    • You will be able to build a site with limited technical knowledge. Just play around and explore the different options. The more comfortable you get with the tools, the more you will be able to do, but a very basic site can be created with very little know-how.

  4. What is the "Remember me" option under the login?
    • If you check the "Remember me" option under the login, then you will not have to login the next time you come back to CFSites. Cookies have to be enabled on your machine to allow this to work.

  5. I have forgotten my account and password, how can I recover that information?
    • You can recover your login information by completing our password retrieval form. The only information you need is the email address with which you registered with CFSites. If you do not remember which email address you used to register with CharityFocus, then contact us to have it recover for you.

  6. I have logged in successfully. Now what?
    • The first time you login, you will follow the instructions to create a site. Once you have created your site, you are now free to add content to it. From the "Content Editor" section, you can add text and images to any webpage. Just click on the page that you want to work on, and then click on the "edit page" button. From the "Design Editor" Section, you can alter the design and colors of your site, upload images, etc. Explore the options and you will become much more comfortable with the process.

      The next time you come back and login, select your site name on the left hand side of the screen to edit it.

  7. How can I get my own domain name for this site?
    • When you create a CFSite, your site URL is If you would like to use your own domain name (, etc), there are two ways to do this.
      1. There are services on the web that will help mask with The advantage of this is that you can have free web hosting and use your own name. The disadvantage to this is that every page of your site will show the same URL. For instance, instead of your about page saying, it will say - as will all your pages. Set up this way, people can not link to individual pages on your site, nor can you send out links to them.
      2. The other alternative is to find a hosting company to host your site. This will cost money, but you will be able to use your own domain easily. You can create your site easily using Then just click on the "zip site" link located in the "Design Editor." Once your site is downloaded, you will be able to unzip your site and upload it to your own server.

  8. Can I move my site to another web host?
    • Yes. You can create your site easily using Then just click on the "zip site" link located in the "Design Editor." Once your site is downloaded, you will be able to unzip your site and upload it to your own server.

  9. Can I keep my site private until it is finished?
    • Yes. When you are creating a new site, uncheck the "Public Site" box in step one of the 3-step process. If you have already created a site, go to that site, and uncheck the "Public Site" box in the "preferences" section under Design Editor. A private site will not show up on the site search or listing of all sites.

  10. How do I delete my CFSite?
    • There is a "delete site" link on the left column once you login to Just click on this and it will take you to the deletion form. Select the site you want to delete, supply your password and click on the Delete My CFSite button.

  11. How can I add an email form, a message board, receive online donations, or radically change the look of a template?
    • Unfortunately, these options are not available with CFSites. You might be able to integrate with a service with another online service such as Yahoo Groups for a message board, or PayPal for online donations. To radically change the look of a template, you can always save your site to a .zip file, have a graphic artist modify it to what you like and then host it with another web host.

  12. How can I upload a file? How can use uploaded file on my page?
    • To upload a file, login and select the site you want to upload to. Then, click on 'design editor' menu in the top right and 'file upload' menu option. You can upload image files (jpeg, gif, png) and documents (text, doc, pdf, xls), upto your 3MB account limit. If you have lots of photos to upload, please use a photo-sharing site like Flickr and then "embed" that slideshow onto your CFSite.

      To include an uploaded file in your site: when you're editing a page, click on the 'link' option and select the file from 'Site File' drop down menu. To include a file on the page itself, click on the 'insert image' icon and select the file you want to include.