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Site Name Title Motto Owner
2ndhandcarsindia You will find what you are looking for Latif Hussain
2sparrows Two Sparrows Foundation Educating and Training Afghan Street Children and Orphans Neil Sleevi
361degrees 361 Degrees Institute The extra degree journey to discover the power withing Driss Temsamani
3cordlinks nongovernment We will be there for you even in scarcity. Gerald Esemonu
3cyclistsandphil 3cyclistsandphil 'Wheres Phil?' michael smith
3katabo feel free to ask... shape up nd age down bicky Motingwa
3wisemen We Rule You All The Wise Of The Day Rules Tomorrow Michael EYAH
3wizmen GOD GIVES WISDOM. Wisdom Is The Mother Of Knowledge. Michael EYAH
417travel 417 Travel Where would you like to go today? Kyle Tuller
4achild 4 A Child Always HelpingChildren Tammy Blackwell-Keith
4wofc Women Overcoming Financial Crisis "We Are More Then Conquerors" Diane Venn
5kforchildhoodobesity Annual 5K & Fun Run for Childhood Obesity STEP UP ~ JOIN THE WALK ~ LEAVE YOUR FOOTPRINT! Robin deLisser
6-gold Gold Retriever Time is "GOLD" Honey May Buenavidess
6silver VI-Silver to entroduce our section bonethugz noma
86dwellers 86 Dwellers Residents & Merchants Unite Michael Nulty
8nortey king of king no one michael nortey
9jabase 9jabase never walk with evil henry bayo
9jafiles files motto gaga tabena
a-g-j gill jadoon Azam Jadoon