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Site Name Title Motto Owner
heavenlychildren-ministry SDA Children Ministry - Future Diplomats School Let the little children come unto Me Festus :Bazira
volset Children Ministry Festus :Bazira
causes Causes Helping Where Help Is Needed Mohammed .
mothersblessing Welcome to mother's Striving for the life of a child . .
smpub Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, Bolangir (SMPU-B) (An united effort of Civil Societies, community Based Organisations and Peoples' Organisations in Bolangir for sustainable solution to poverty) Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, Bolangir (SMPUB)
gyawaliguthi Gyawali Guthi ज्ञवाली गुठी
zhaoyanqing YanQing Welcome 赵 燕清
preciouspaws Precious Paws Exceeding Pet Parents Expectations Michelle `
livestrongtampa LiveStrong Tampa Together - We Will Conquer Cancer Michelle `
buzzkillers Buzz Killers Wow Buzz Killers 23 12
girlscouttroop1652 Girl Scout Troop #1652 Where Girls Grow Strong Girl Scouts 1652
1andhranavalunit 1 Andhra Naval Unit NCC Unity and Discipline Ncc 1andhranavy
cream CREAM Paving the Path for an Equitable Development. cream 2008
save2010 Save2010 I pledge to go green in 2010 one small step at a time. Save 2010
media2015 MEDIA 2015 PROJECT ...speak out against unkept promises MEDIA 2015 PROJECT
greenlong7124 adorable love n peace greenlong 7124
vrajtextiles Shree Vraj Textiles Best Quality, Best Quantity [Mfg.of Gray Fabrics] ANIL 75757
pack763 Cub Scouts Pack 763 DO YOUR BEST pack 763
rocky Rocky A
hope Hope all i can offer is hope json A